Generator Maintenance

Having a standby generator is a great safety net for your family during storms, but they need to be maintained properly to be most effective. Regular maintenance and upkeep can help prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of the generator.

We agree to provide you with complete 15 point generator maintenance and cleaning as described below for your generator equipment.

  • Change oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Clean inside of unit
  • Check/clean battery connections
  • Check output voltage
  • Run engine (no load)
  • Warning System/Shutdown
  • Service air pre-cleaner

  • Service air cleaner
  • Inspect/clean spark arrester
  • Clean cooling system
  • Replace spark plugs

  • Check valve clearance
  • Check all wiring connections
  • Check all conduits

Other: Battery Replacements are $185 as needed
All additional repairs will be billed accordingly
We will notify you when your maintenance is scheduled.
Payment will be due upon acceptance of plan.